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  1. Entity Modeler

    Entity Modeler is the WOLips counterpart to the EOModeler tool from Apple. It does not have all the GUI niceness and drag and drop, but it also does not have all the long standing bugs. It has some pretty cool features too. Entity Model came to be through the incredible hard work of Mike Schrag around the time of WWDC
    DocumentationFeb 17, 2014
  2. Modeling Inheritance with Entity Modeler

    with that information. The goal of this document is to explain how to model the three different types of inheritance in the WOLips Entity Modeler. Entity Modeler If you are modeling inheritance and you don't already have your subentities modeled, then you probably want to use entity modeler's subclass widget. To use
    DocumentationDec 06, 2012
  3. JDBC and Entity Modeler

    Problem: You encounter the 'JDBC connection failed for driver ...' error message when trying to generate SQL in Entity Modeler. JDBC connection failed.jpg Discussion Either the JDBC driver genuinely cannot be found, or more likely perhaps, your JDBC settings in Entity Modeler are incorrect. On Mac OS X, the /Library
    DocumentationApr 03, 2017
  4. EOF-Modeling-Entities

    could be retrieve price information from the New York Stock Exchange. The list of "prices received from NYSE today" could be modeled as an entity, though … An entity in an object graph usually represents a table in a relational database. For example, suppose one is working with a school. One may have a database
    DocumentationFeb 11, 2012
  5. Using Model Groups

    on model name and entity name, so that blows up with NSBundlestyle "find everything". EOModelGroup's in WOLips, consequently, let you define an explicit list of models to load into Entity Modeler. Then rather than open your model with Entity Modeler, you open your .eomodelgroup with Entity Modeler and it will avoid
    DocumentationNov 02, 2006
  6. WOLips bugfix/feature request priorization list

    wrong. paulh Bug Entity Modeler When copying an attribute from one model to another in Entity Modeler, the "Prototype" selection (in the "Basic" tab) is dropped … to the prototype's defaults. For example: Open two EOModels. Copy an attribute that uses a prototype from an entity in one model to an entity in another—e.g., find
    WOProject / WOLipsJul 04, 2020
  7. Best Practices-Model

    this over varchar(some number). The Entity Modeler prototype is 'longText' You may be constrained to existing data types. If you are building an WO application … more about this framework later). The screenshot was taken from the Entity Modeler plugin in Eclipse, part of WOLips. We can see here that: The prototype name
    DocumentationFeb 21, 2014
  8. Using

    Entity Modeler app has to be able to find model dependencies (for instance, if you have crossmodel relationships or use prototypes), so it has to have some way … tried to resave the BusinessLogic model without your prototype model resolved). If your model appears inside of an IDEA project, Entity Modeler will attempt
    DocumentationJul 01, 2009
  9. WOLips 3.6 is now stable

    Unfiltered Change Log since 3.5 Stable if you're in an Entity Modeler perspective, restrict the "open entity" dialog to just the entries inside the current model … . when you change your prototype declaration in entity modeler, it will copy all the values in that dictionary into the database config fields if you have errors
    WOProject / WOLipsOct 06, 2010
  10. Using Strategy Design Pattern with EOF

    Work In Progress Introduction EOF and Entity Modeler allow you to model class inheritance using a number of strategies for mapping the inheritance hierarchy … we will look at one way to implement the Strategy Design pattern for a single Entity. What Are We Going to Model? We are going to model Parts
    DocumentationMay 16, 2008