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  1. ERRest Framework

    Presentations A presentation made by Mike Schrag on February 16th 2010 about ERREST. It's also listed … on ERRest integration with Dojo was made by Pascal Robert at WOWODC 2010. Two other sessions about ERRest were made at WOWODC 2011. You can also find the slides from
    DocumentationJul 22, 2012
  2. SproutCore and ERRest

    or Todos 06 Building with ERRest This tutorial is designed to supplement the "Todos" tutorial found on the SproutCore wiki. In the Todos tutorial, chapter six … the tutorial using WebObjects and Project Wonder's ERRest framework. Along the way we'll try to hit on a couple of other concepts that may augment your general
    DocumentationFeb 11, 2012
  3. ERRest Boot Camp

    Headers Multiple representations of same object, but only one URL for object HATEOAS mention Google Docs, CMIS, Atom Publishing examples Basic ERRest concepts
    Pascal RobertMay 17, 2012
  4. ERRest In Depth

    General architecture Same Origin policy Transactions HTML vs other formats Response representation Missing route Missing object POJO objects Headers Caching Adding new format Security strictMode Workflow Query arguments and RXRestFetchSpecification ERXRestNameRegistry MapClassDescription / NSDictionaryClassDescription
    Pascal RobertJun 10, 2012
  5. New podcast - ERREST

    A new podcast has been added to the Screencasts page, it's a recording of Mike Schrag's presentation at WONoVA on February 16th 2010. Migrated to Confluence 4.0
    WOCommunityOct 03, 2010
  6. Re: Your First Rest Project

    The version of WOLips that has the "ERRest Application" templates is 3.7 installed from here: It installs without errors unlike the version in jenkins:
    WebSite / … / Your First Rest ProjectMay 29, 2014
  7. Free releases of two WOWODC 2011 presentations

    We released for free two WOWODC 2011 presentations. The first one is Designing WO applications for remote Sync, from David Aspinall. The other is is ERRest (what's new in ERRest, security, versioning and debugging) from Pascal Robert. Both recordings are now available in the WOCommunity podcast feed
    WOCommunityApr 06, 2012
  8. WOWODC 2012 in Montréal (Slides ERRest The Basics (Slides ERRest In Depth
    WOCommunityApr 13, 2019
  9. Screencasts

    ) Wonder's Ajax Framework: Under the Hood (WOWODC 2011) ERRest ERREST ERRest and Dojo (WOWODC 2010) ERRest (WOWODC 2011) ERRest Designing a Good REST API (WOWODC 2011) ERRest: The Basics (WOWODC 2012) ERRest: The Next Steps (WOWODC 2012) ERRest in Depth (WOWODC 2012) DirectToWeb (D2W) D2W : Using ERExcelLook Introduction
    WebSiteJan 18, 2015
  10. Re: Your First Rest Project

    </b>. Closing connection 0 I'm new using ERRest and maybe i forgot to configure something. Any help would be appreciated.
    WebSite / … / Your First Rest ProjectJul 05, 2013