Project Templates

WOLips Project Templates can be used to setup the basics of a WebObjects project. They are quite powerful in that they can be used to configure a project's starting classpath, additional incremental builders, customized project structure and build tasks, to make a project use new build systems and more. You can also request additional information from the user to enable even greater customization.

The templates below were created by other WOLips users to address specific needs not handled by the built-in templates. Once downloaded and unzipped, they should be placed in one of the following locations:

  • /Library/Application Support/WOLips/Project Templates
  • ~/Library/Application Support/WOLips/Project Templates
  • YourHomeDir\Documents and Settings\Application Data\WOLips\Project Templates
  • YourHomeDir\Documents and Settings\AppData\Local\WOLips\Project Templates

Tutorials and Documentation


Template Project

This is the perfect starting point if you want to create a new project template. Drop this template into the templates directory then select New -> Other -> WO Project from Template and you'll see "WOLips Project Template." It will give you everything you need to create a new Template including a template.xml file and the corresponding Sources directories.

Default/Example Templates
Java Client Projects
Test Projects