Creating Wonder Applications using Maven + m2eclicpse

Under Construction - but still a good starting point

If you want to use Wonder in your applications (and why woundn't one) you must be correctly setup with:

One reasonable way to get and maintain the Wonder sources is have a directory which holds all the sources (see here: Download Wonder Source), then use Maven to install and build Wonder (see here: Building the wonder source code with maven).

Several things you should know, currently:

With all the tools ready, it's time to make a Wonder application.

1. Make a new project File > New > Other project, choose a Maven project:

2. Hit Next

3. Hit Next again

4. Select an archtype, use the local catalog, select the woapplication-archtype, hit Next:

(What does one do if one selects the "Default Local" and one sees: "No archetypes available for this catalog."? What can one do to correct this? -rrk (ray at 2022-06-24)

5. Fill in appropriate parameters for the woapplication-archtype to set up your new application, hit Finish!

The eclipse plugins now create your application!

You should create a WOApplication Run Configuration and add the projects build folder's Java to the classpath as detailed here: Maven Running or Debugging as WO Application, otherwise classes won't be found, etc.