Hello everyone,

Just the vast majority of the community is using Wonder, we are releasing the Getting Started with Project Wonder recording from WOWODC 2011 for free. It's a really good intro to Wonder and to properties management. Many thanks to Kieran for this!

Also, you will find a recording of Aurélien Minet's presentation of the Cocktail Association ERP for high education. It might be one of the biggest WO installation outside Apple, and it's open source too.

Just a note about the Cocktail presentation. I can't view the video in iTunes or QT Player 7, but it works in Safari or the new QuickTime Player. I don't know why since I can play the source works in QT Player 7. Maybe a 10.6.5 bug or something. So if you can't view it in iTunes, open it up in QT Player.

Check out the Screencasts page to get access to the podcasts.