WO developers have been able to deploy their applications as a WAR bundle in a J2EE container since WO 5.1, and as an independent SSDD (Servlet Single Directory Deployment) bundles and WAR files since WO 5.2. This article guides you through the simple setup in WOLips to allow you to deploy you application to a servlet container such as Apache Tomcat.


  1. Eclipse 3.4 & WOLips 5640 or later installed.
  2. Servlet Container of your choice installed. For this article I'll be setting it up using a completely stock install of Tomcat 6.0.18.
  3. An existing WebObjects project.

Step 1 - Project Properties

  1. Right-Click on your project in the WO Explorer tab of the WOLips perspective in Eclipse and select "Properties" or select "Properties" from the "Project" menu.
  2. Select