If you are just starting out with Wonder, the simplest path to usage is probably to download the binaries and install the frameworks. Mike Schrag and the good folks at mDimension Technology provide a binary download that is automatically updated daily from the latest Wonder source. So freshness is guaranteed.


You can get the latest binaries here:

As you can see from this image, there are a number of different downloads. The 53 and 54 suffixes in this screen shot refer to binaries compiled for WebObjects 5.3.X and WebObjects 5.4.X compatibility respectively.

To start exploring Wonder and taking advantage of it in your applications, you just need to start with the "Wonder-latest-Frameworks". Choose the one suitable for your current version (OS X Tiger has WO 5.3.X by default and OS X Leopard has 5.4.X by default). Of course you can download aby of the other items shown here and explore as you wish.


Write a command line installation script that does this whole procedure