Just run this script Bash script to download Eclipse and install everything in OneStep.

The above replaces everything below for Eclipse 3.6.1 for Mac OS X

Download this file  RecommendedUpdateSites.xml

In Eclipse.

Help=>Install New Software...
Click "Available Software Sites"

On the Modal Dialog box Click the Import button and select the RecommendedUpdateSites.xml file.

Import... Download and select
Click "OK"

Under Work with, select "All Available Sites"

Then select individual sites to configure.

Select WOLips => WOLips
Select WOLips (Optional) => WOLips Goodies

If you want SVN Support:
Select Collaboration => Subversive SVN Team Provider

If you want Git Support (and who doesn't):
Select Collaboration => Eclipse EGit
Select Eclipse Git Team Provier => Eclipse EGit
(also make sure you have git installed from http://http://git-scm.com/)
(also go to github and fork WOnder https://github.com/wocommunity/wonder
more information on getting WOnder source is at Getting the Wonder Source Code)

If you want JadClipse (to decompile class file):
Select Uncategorized => JadClipse Feature
(also install jad from http://www.varaneckas.com/jad into /usr/local/bin/jad)

If you want to use WOLips Groovy Support:
Select Groovy-Eclipse => Groovy-Eclipse Feature
Select WOLips => WOLips Groovy Support

If you want to use WOLips JRebel Support:
Select JRebel => JRebel Eclipse Integration
Select WOLips => WOLips JRebel

If you want to use WOLips JProfiler Launching:
Select Uncategorized => JProfiler
Select WOLips => WOLips JProfiler Launching

If you want to use Workspace Mechanic:
Select Collaboration => Mylyn Task List (Required)
Select Collaboration => Mylyn Task-Focused Interface (Recommended)
Select Workspace Mechanic for Eclipse => Workspace Mechanic

Click "Next >" and Approve all the licenses, etc.

Restart Eclipse

If you want shared workspace settings:
Download WorkspaceMechanicExamples.zip
Unzip into ~/.eclipse (make it if it doesn't exist)

Restart Eclipse

Recording Your Own Preferences in Workspace Mechanic

In workspace mechanic, right-click on the icon and select "Preference Recorder > Start Recording" to record your own preference changes. Once you are finished, select "Stop Recording" and save the resulting file to your ~/.eclipse/mechanic folder created above. Use the .epf file extension for your preference change to be picked up when you open other workspaces.