These are the available debug levels (WebObjects 5.2.2):


Debug groups are defined as flags in a 64-bit array. The value shown in the documentation is the index of the specific debug group flag in this array.

For example, if you want to start the logging of WebObjects and EO debug information you can do:



NSLog.allowDebuggingForGroups(6);  // Flags 2 and 1, ie. 6 = 1L<<2 | 1L<<1

You can specify debug groups in a command-line argument, either as a single numerical value (as above), as a list of flags or as a range of flags. For example all the following are equivalent:

./MyApp -DNSDebugGroups=6
./MyApp -DNSDebugGroups="(2, 1)"
./MyApp -DNSDebugGroups="(NSLog.DebugGroupWebObjects, NSLog.DebugGroupEnterpriseObjects)"
./MyApp -DNSDebugGroups=1:2

These are the available debug groups (WebObjects 5.2.2):