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This Page will serve as a base location for talking about what can be done with the Properties files using Project Wonder and what properties are available etc.


When the application launches, Properties files will be loaded in the following order. If there is a conflicting parameter between the files and arguments, the latter one overrides the earlier one.

  1. Resources/Properties in any frameworks that the application links to
  2. Resources/Properties.username in any frameworks that the application links to
  3. Resources/Properties in the application itself
  4. under the home directory (not sure on this file's precedence)
  5. Resources/ (when app is launched in Development Mode)
  6. Properties in /etc/WebObjects/YourAppName/
  7. Resources/Properties.username in the application itself
  8. Command line arguments

Getting Started:

About the Properties File

  • Variable substitution
  • Per user property files

Available Properties:

  • DB Properties
  • ERExtensions Properties
  • Ajax Properties

Note: To set development mode

Add the following property:
er.extensions.ERXApplication.developmentMode = true (true by default when running Wolips)
To turn off development mode:
er.extensions.ERXApplication.developmentMode = false

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