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Now that we have a working REST project, let's create a framework. A framework in a Project Wonder context is a special folder that contains Java libraries (.jar), other resources (EOModels, images, CSS, etc.) and a Info.plist file. If you are a Cocoa developer, a Project Wonder framework structure have a similar structure as a Cocoa framework.

When a framework is built (with Ant or Maven), the structure is like this:

--> Resources
----> Info.plist
----> Java
------> mystuff.jar
------> some-third-party.jar
----> MyEOModel.eomodeld
----> Properties
--> WebServerResources
----> someimage.png
----> somestyling.css

So why using frameworks? Simple: to be able to use them in more than one project. Putting your EOModel into a framework is a good idea since you can built many different projects for the same business logic.

Creating a framework

So let's make a new framework. In Eclipse, open the File menu, select New and select Wonder Framework. Name it BlogCommon and click Finish.

Now you have another project in your Eclipse workspace. Open it and you will see that the folder structure is the same as for an Wonder application.

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