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This tutorial assumes you have all of the WOLips dependencies already installed (see Installing WOLips).

  1. To begin installing WOLips, go to the Help=>Software Updates=>Find and Install ... menu item
    \\\\!Picture 1.png!\\\\
  2. Select "Search for new features to install" and click "Next"
    \\\\!Picture 2.png!\\\\
  3. The next dialog you get to shows the list of update sites that are available in your Eclipse install. The first time you go through this process, you will need to create a new Remote Install site. After the initial install, you can skip this step and just select the already existing Remote Install site instead. To continue, select "New Remote Site" on the right hand side.
    \\\\!Picture 3.png!\\\\
  4. In the New Remote Install site dialog, pick a name for the site (it can be whatever you want) and make the URL and click OK.
    \\\\!Picture 4.png!\\\\
  5. You should now be returned to the list of install sites with your new Remote Install site selected. When updating again later, you can start at this step. Click "Finish" to continue.
    \\\\!Picture 5.png!\\\\
  6. The next dialog shows the list of available features on this update site. Click the checkbox next to the name of the install site (which should select all of the features), and then click "Next".
    \\\\!Picture 6.png!\\\\
  7. The following dialog contains the license agreements for the selected features. After reviewing the agreement (you DO review your license agreements, right?? (smile) ), select "I accept the turns in this license agreement". Selecting this radio button is actually accepting ALL the license agreements. Click "Next" to continue.
    \\\\!Picture 7.png!\\\\
  8. The next dialog shows a review of the features you selected. Click "Finish" to continue.
    \\\\!Picture 8.png!\\\\
  9. And if you weren't sick enough of confirmation dialogs, the next set of dialogs is the final confirmation for each feature. The easiest step is to just select "Install All".
    \\\\!Picture 9.png!\\\\
  10. It will take a while to dialog the features and plugins (you can see the progress in the lower right). Once downloaded, the features and plugins will be verified ...
    \\\\!Picture 10.png!\\\\
  11. Lastly, Eclipse will need to be restarted for the WOLips plugins to be available.
    \\\\!Picture 11.png!\\\\
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