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This is the home page for the Maven Plugins space.

WOProject Maven2 Plugins

Getting Started

  • Install Maven2 on a local machine.
  • Add ObjectStyle Maven2 repository to the project POM (we may distribute the plugins via Ibiblio at some point too). E.g.:
        <name>ObjectStyle Public Maven2 repo</name>
  • Plugins are bound to the build lifecycle via "project/build/plugins" section of the POM. Here is a general example, for more details see documentation of individual plugins:

            plugin specific information goes here...


Useful Information

By default, Maven will search the groupId org.apache.maven.plugins for prefix-to-artifactId mappings for the plug-ins it needs to perform a given build. However, WOProject maven plug-ins belong to a different group: org.objectstyle.woproject.maven2. Since the Maven project is assumed to have control over the default plug-in groupId, we can configure Maven to search other groupId locations for plugin-prefix mappings.

In the Maven settings file (per-user: ~/.m2/settings.xml; global: $M2_HOME/conf/settings.xml), you can provide a custom pluginGroups section, listing the plugin groupIds you want to search (each groupId goes in its own pluginGroup sub-element). For example, if your projects use a WOProject maven plug-in, you might have the following in your settings:


Now you can directly execute plug-ins, i.e. mvn woproject:goal instead of mvn org.objectstyle.woproject.maven2:maven-woproject-plugin:goal.


settings.xml ecample settings.xml. ecample projects.

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