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FrameworkSet Structure

This has been transcribed by Andrew Lindesay from the old WOProject site.


FrameworkSet is an extension of Ant FileSet that allows matching and conditional inclusion of frameworks. It is used as a nested element by various WOProject tasks. When building a FrameworkSet, path should match up to the "*.framework" directory (no need to match individual JAR files).






A base directory for the include/exclude pattern lookup. When the prefix for the directory matches one of wo.root, wo.localroot etc. this prefix will get replaced in the final class file by WOROOT, LOCALROOT etc. and these paths in turn will get translated by the environment variables in the startup script to the final path.



The base directory that is prefixed to the frameworks in the classpath files. This allows you to decouple your compile time paths from the deployment paths. Useful when you have wastly different file layouts in the development vs. the deployment server. Used only when inside a

Unknown macro: {woapplication}




The name of a property that determines if the framework set is included. If present, this property is used for conditional inclusion of the matched framework. Property name should not be included in $, as a property name, not value, is expected.


Note: all standard FileSet parameters are supported as well.


Using nested "frameworks" element that is a FrameworkSet inside WOCompile task:

<wocompile srcdir="Java" destdir="classes">

   <frameworks dir="../Frameworks">
      <include name="JavaWOExtension.framework"/>
      <include name="ER*.framework"/>
      <exclude name="ERNeutralLook.framework"/>
   <frameworks dir="${wo.localroot}">
      <include name="Mysql*.framework"/>
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