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  • Packaging WO Applications as true WAR with Maven

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If you have used the woapplication-archetype to create your project, jump to the step 3.

You have to follow some instructions to build a true WAR package:

Step 1: Create a web.xml file

You need to create a web.xml file. You can download a simple web.xml file here. Don't forget to change the displayName and the WOMainBundle properties:

   <display-name>Your Application Name</display-name>

Step 2: Create/generate an Info.plist file

You also need to create or generate a valid Info.plist file into your resources folder. Here is a sample Info.plist. You have to change the ${your-app-name} and ${package} occurrences with the respective application name and Application class package.

Step 3: Package your classes, resources and webserver resources

The application jar must follow the NSJarBundle format. The NSJarBundle is a package organized in Resources and WebServerResources folders. In addition, the Resources folder must contain a valid Info.plist file. Your application classes, resources and webserver resources must be package as a jar. It is easy to configure Maven to do this:


Step 4: Add the required dependencies

You must add the following dependency to run the application as a true WAR:


NOTE: If you are using WebObjects 5.2.x or 5.3.x you have to add this additional dependency:


NOTE: if your application uses Wonder, please read this tutorial.

Step 5: Change the packaging type

The default maven-war-plugin can handle the war packaging correctly. You have to change the packaging of your POM to 'war' in order to use this plug-in:


It's done.

2009 Bug Warning

It should be done, but...
The 2.0.17 archetype does not add :


to the pom.xml file, so your war will have no components; you should add these lines.

Also, it does not add a necessary WebObjects 5.3 dependency:


So, you may need to add that.

In addition, the archetype generated Info.plist needs fixing, as does the web.xml in the WEB-INF folder. There are values in these files like ${project.artifactId}, but for now, you must manually replace those values with actual values, e.g, MyProject.

These probably will be fixed in the next release of plugins, but for now, watch this space, as there may be additional
bugs posted here.

Running your application as true WAR

You can use the maven-jetty-plugin to run and test your application.

Step 1: Configure the maven-jetty-plugin

Add the following configuration to your POM:


Step 2: Start the Jetty container with Maven

Just execute:

mvn clean jetty:run-war

Step 3: See the result

Open a browser and type the URL for your application like this: http://locahost:8080/your-app-name/WebObjects/

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