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WOLips Wizard

  • Support for D2W projects
  • Support for JavaClient projects
  • Support for q4e and m2eclipse

Maven WOLifecycle Plug-in

  • Replace Ant tasks by Java code
  • Fix bugs
  • Option to auto generate classes based on EOModels
  • Support for JavaClient stuff?
  • Update the documentation
  • Generate SQL scripts based on EOModels

Maven WOBootstrap Plug-in

  • Support for Apple nightly builds structure
  • Goal to update time zone data on WO jars

Maven JavaMonitor Plug-in

  • Support for JavaMonitor deployment


  • Merge Apple archetypes and WOProjects archetypes to provide support for jar, woframework, woapplication and war?
  • Publish an archetype catalog for use in the m2eclipse project wizard
  • Support for JavaClient projects?
  • Support for Direct To Web projects
  • Support for Direct To WebServices
  • Update the documentation


  • Nightly builds for Wonder using Maven
  • Provide a repository with Wonder libraries
  • Configuration to create a package with all Sources and Resources

General WebObjects/Maven Documentation

Need we say more?

Release Plan

  • 2.0.x
  • 2.1
  • 2.2
  • 3.0


Could we talk a little bit about WO and Maven on the next WOWODC? (wink)

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