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This is the home page for WOProject/WOLips open source project.

With the deprecation of the Apple-supplied WebObjects development tools, WOProject/WOLips has become the recommended toolset for WebObjects development and is the toolset that Apple itself uses internally.

Almost all of the functionality provided by the Apple toolset (XCode, EOModeler, WOBuilder, etc) has been duplicated, greatly expanded upon or re-thought from the ground up in Eclipse and WOLips. WOProject/WOLips is the net effect of thousands of hours of freely-given and paid-for labor by many talented developers, and it is constantly improving.

WOProject/WOLips provides a more comprehensive and powerful toolset for developing Web, Web Service and Java Client than has ever been available before.

How to Contribute to this Wiki

See instructions on the Community page

Installing WOProject/WOLips

WOLips can be installed in several different ways, ranging from a complete turn-key installer that will give you everything you need to get started, all the way down to the source code direct from the SVN repository. Details are available here

Migrating from Xcode-Based Development

Once you have installed WOLips you can move any existing Xcode projects to WOLips using one of the following methods, depending on the complexity of your migration.

  • If you only have a couple of frameworks and applications, and those projects are not very complex, you can do a manual migration.
  • If you have a couple of projects and you didn't put your components and classes in sub folders then try the "fleeto" script from Chuck Hill.
  • If you have a complex project and/or many projects, use the XcodeMigration tool from Pascal Robert. This is the recommended method for migration as it will greatly simplify migrating even a couple projects.

WOProject/WOLips Tutorials

Once you are ready to start developing, look here for many helpful tutorials and Screen/Podcast detailing how to make the most of WOProject/WOLips. Tutorials range from setting up new projects to deployment and include topics for both beginners and experts.


  • WOLips : WOLips is a set of Eclipse tools for WebObjects development.
  • WOProject-Ant : provides a way to build WebObjects applications and standalone Java launchers with Ant.
  • WOProject-Maven : provides a way to build WebObjects applications and standalone Java launchers with Maven.
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