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Work in progress

Moving the WebObjects frameworks from a Mac to a Windows machine

The WebObjects frameworks are part of the Xcode tools distribution (available on the Mac OS X DVD, or as a download from Apple, see below) which cannot be installed on a Windows (or any Linux/UNIX variant) machine directly. So, before developing on Windows, you will need to get access on a Mac, make a archive of the frameworks and move this archive to your Windows machine. You can extract the frameworks from XCode without having to install them on the intermediate Mac.

  • Obtain Xcode 2.5 (if you want to work with WebObjects 5.3), or Xcode 3.0 (if you want to work with WebObjects 5.4) at ADC – these are in the form of large (about 1 GB) disk images. Note that you will need to sign up for an ADC membership, but the "online" membership is free.
  • Mount, on a Mac, the DMG file. Then, for XCode 2.5 / Mac OS X Tiger:
cp /Volumes/Xcode\ Tools/Packages/Packages/WebObjectsRuntime.pkg/Contents/Archive.pax.gz /tmp
cd /tmp
unzip Archive.pax.gz
pax -r -f Archive.pax
tar cf WebObjectsRuntime.tar Library System
cp WebObjectsRuntime.tar -> Windows

... and for XCode 3.0 / Mac OS X Leopard (since Installer packages are created differently in Leopard):

mkdir -p /tmp/wo ; cd /tmp/wo
xar -vxf "/Volumes/Xcode Tools/Packages/WebObjectsRuntime.pkg" ; pax -rzf Payload
tar cf WebObjectsRuntime.tar Library System
cp WebObjectsRuntime.tar -> Windows

Create the file structure on your Windows machine

1) Create the structure:
C:\Apple\Local\Library\Frameworks (equivalent to /Library/Frameworks on the Mac)
C:\Apple\Library\Frameworks (equivalent to /System/Library/Frameworks on the Mac)

2) Copy all the frameworks from /System/Library/Frameworks on a Mac that are named Java* except for JavaScriptCore and JavaVM to C:\Apple\Library\Frameworks

mv WebObjectsRuntime.tar/Library/* C:\Apple\Local\Library\Frameworks
mv WebObjectsRuntime.tar/System/Library/* C:\Apple\Library\Frameworks

3) If you copied a 5.2, you will need to put a Windows License.key in JavaWebObjects.framework/Resources.  If you copied a 5.3, I think it's a universal license key.

4) Create a file in C:\Documents and Settings\<your user>\Library with the contents:
eclipse.home=C:/Programs Files/eclipse

Install Eclipse and WOLips

Install Eclipse and WOLips


That should be it, I think?  The things that are problematic right now on Windows:
1) The woproject/.patternset don't work quite right on Windows.  If you don't have subfolders in your Resources/Components/etc, you can work around it by converting Components///etc/* to Components/, same w/ Resources and WebServerResources
2) Couple images have backgrounds that should not
3) Outline view in component editor is not right
4) AutoOpenInBrowser doesn't work unless you override Application._isSupportedDevelopmentPlatform to return true

I THINK that was it, but there might have been a couple other misc items .. I'll have to go back through and doublecheck.

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