Starting today (January 22), you can now become a Community Member! By becoming a paid community member, you are helping us building a stronger community and the money raised from membership will be use to pay hosting fees and other activities (for example, having a WebEx channel for presentations about WebObjects). And you also get access to past and future WOWODC content, for example if you become a member now, you get the recordings from WOWODC 2010 AND WOWODC 2011!

Community Membership is $150 for a Personal Membership, $300 for Corporate Membership and it's free for students! Community members also get a $115 discount for one WOWODC 2011 ticket when we open up registration for WOWODC 2011.

For registering, log to the WO Community app at:

And go to the Community Store to buy your membership.

If you came to WOWODC 2010, you automatically became a personal member, your membership will expire on June 30th 2011. Take notice that you won't get the $115 discount unless you renew your membership before May 15th.

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