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Instead of downloading the Wonder binaries, working from the latest source code directly can have some advantages such as:

  • Ability to browse the source code and learn from the wisdom and experience of the WO committers
  • Put breakpoints in and step through Wonder source when debugging your projects
  • Provide opportunities to submit patches to bugs you might find in Wonder
  • Add logging statements in Wonder source so you can better understand what is going when tracking down hard to find bugs

Downloading Wonder Source from Subversion

  • Decide on a directory where you will maintain the latest Wonder source tree on your hard drive. I have a directory '~/WonderLatest' in my home folder.
  • Open a terminal shell and navigate to the directory
    cd ~/WonderLatest
  • Next perform initial checkout of Wonder source tree from Subversion head using the following command. This creates a folder named Wonder
    svn co

Build and Install Wonder

  • Follow the "Building with Ant" instructions in the BUILD.txt document in the Wonder directory


This complete procedure results in you having

  • a Wonder directory with the whole Wonder source tree (directories, projects, frameworks, example apps, miscellaneous, etc.) inside.
  • The binary Wonder frameworks ("ant frameworks") will be installed in /Library/Frameworks.
  • If you ran "ant applications", they will be installed in ...
  • If you ran "ant examples", they will be installed in ...
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