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To work with Wonder source in Eclipse we import, without copying, the source projects from the Wonder source tree we downloaded in an earlier tutorial. By doing so, we make sure our workspace Wonder source projects are the same source as what we have used for our build and install.


Wonder source tree is checked out from source control: Getting the Wonder Source Code

Importing Wonder Projects into Eclipse

  1. Right-click in WO Explorer and select "Import..." from the context menu.

  2. Select "Existing Projects into Workspace" as the import source.

  3. Click "Browse..." to select the root directory containing the projects.

  4. To import framework projects, for example, navigate to and select ".../Wonder/Frameworks" and click "Choose".

  5. The list of projects inside that folder appear checked. Uncheck the "Copy Projects into Workspace" checkbox and uncheck the projects you don't want and click "Finish".

  6. Eclipse will build the projects and you can now browse, inspect and use Wonder source in Eclipse.

Importing other projects

The Wonder source tree has other folders with projects too. For instance, to import the example application projects, select the "Examples" directory instead of "Frameworks" above.

Working with WebObjects version 5.4.X

Wonder ERExtensions Source classpaths are different for WO 5.3.3 and WO 5.4.X

If you adjust the "WO Explorer" View filters so that you can see files beginning with '.', you will notice that there are three .classpath files. To work with WO 5.4.X, simply replace the contents of the ".classpath" file with the contents of the ".classpath-5.4" file

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