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Your First Project

Creating a New Project

  1. Follow the instructions here, The WOLips Installation Tutorial, to install WoLips on your machine. Although many people, including myself can't seem to do with out the "Wonder"ful features of Project Wonder, for the purposes of this tutorial, it is not necessary.
  2. Open the WoLips perspective.
  3. From the File menu, select New WebObjects Application.
  4. The New WebObjects Project Wizard is displayed. Enter a name for your project such as MyFirstApp. Then click Next.
  5. Change only the word "your" in the Application screen to myfirstapp. I think you can change it to whatever you want, or just keep it "your," but I like to put in the actual Application name. Click Finish.

In the left pane entitled WO Package Explorer, you will see a folder icon with your applications name. Click on the triangle next o your application's folder to see the organization of your project.

  • Sources

This group contains initially contains two packages and The package contains .java files for the Application, Session, and DirectAction classes. You can customize your application by putting your own code in these files. You can also add other class for your project. the package contains the .java for Main component that was automatically generated. Component classes are used to define the behavior of each component.

  • WebObjects Frameworks and JRE System Library
    This group contain references to the Frameworks and Libraries necessary to run WebObjects applications. Every WebObjects application depends on at least the JavaWebObjects framework, which contains the essential code behind WebObjects. Later, we will show you how to add other Frameworks to your project for more functionality.
  • build
    This group contains the compiled files generated by Ant and are your executable files. You should not have to go in here.
  • Components
    Initially, the Components group contains to files, Main API and Main WO. We will mostly concern ourselves with Main WO. When you click on Main WO, all the files (including Main API and related to the Main component are listed in a Related tab in the lower left of your screen. All of these related files together define how your components will look and work.
  • Resources
    This file can store graphics, sounds, and movies for your components. Also, Enterprise Object's model files are stored here.
  • Web Server Resources
    For many reasons, you typically want to store static information such as graphics, sounds, and movies as well as javascript and CSS files outside of the WebObjects Application. One reason is so that other applications or static web pages can access the same information.


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