WebObjects Installation

Install WebObjects Using Apple's Installer

Install WebObjects using the Apple WebObjects 5.4.3 Installer dmg if you want "standard" install paths. Make sure you install "WebObjectsRuntime.pkg" which is in the "Packages" directory of the .dmg.

Install WebObjects using WOCommunity resources

Download the WebObjects installer then the Snow Leopard apache adaptor




Configure Apache

Then open terminal and perform the "extra" stuff you need to do to get things complete. you will need to do all this as 'root', hence the sudo -s at the start.

Replace the apache adaptor with the Snow Leopard one
sudo -s

cd /System/Library/WebObjects/Adaptors/Apache2.2
mv mod_WebObjects.so mod_WebObjects.so.obsolete
curl -C - -O http://wocommunity.org/documents/tools/mod_WebObjects/Apache2.2/macosx/10.6/mod_WebObjects.so
Configure Apache to use the WebObjects Adaptor
cd /etc/apache2
cp httpd.conf httpd.conf.backup
echo "Include /System/Library/WebObjects/Adaptors/Apache2.2/apache.conf" >> httpd.conf
apachectl restart

Configure launchd

After configuring Apache, continue to use the terminal as you did in the previous step and configure launchd to to let the wotaskd (and the WOMonitor if you want) start automatically.

Install launchd tasks to keep WebObjects running always
cd /Library/LaunchDaemons
curl -C - -O http://www.greenislandconsulting.com/webobjects/com.apple.webobjects.wotaskd.plist
curl -C - -O http://www.greenislandconsulting.com/webobjects/com.apple.webobjects.womonitor.plist

NOTE:  These two plists point to the Apple provided JavaMonitor and wotaskd that are in /System/Library/WebObjects/JavaApplications/.  
If you are using the Wonder versions and placed them in /Library/WebObjects/JavaApplications/ then you will need to edit these files.

launchctl load com.apple.webobjects.wotaskd.plist

If you are going to run WOMonitor on this machine, then do the following:

(Optional) Permanently start the WOMonitor app
launchctl load com.apple.webobjects.womonitor.plist

If you have problems or further questions try the tips here: Debugging wotaskd and JavaMonitor, if that still doesn't give you the clues you need, ask on the wo-deploy mailing list (smile)

Script to help deployment on OS X

I am attaching a deployment script here that could help create a OS X deployment environment. This was created in the time frame of Mojave!