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In the "3 server" example, notice that the web server (Server1) doesn't run wotaskd.  How does it know where the WO application servers are and how to contact them?  This information is contained in the configuration file for the WOAdaptor (typically /System/Library/WebObjects/Adaptors/Apache2.2/apache.conf) on the line:

WebObjectsConfig, Removed 10

Here you need to specify the addresses for each of your WO application servers.  This is necessary in either a 2 server or 3+ server situation - it is how the adaptor communicates with wotaskd.


If you are having problems with a separate application server, you can try send requests directly to that server.
First try sending them through the web server by appending a specific instance number to the URL for your app, like: Removed
The instance number should correspond to an instance that is running on the server you are trying to check.


If you have installed and configured Apache and mod_WebObjects on your secondary / standalone WO application server, then you can send requests to it through apache to see if the app is functioning correctly - like if it established a database connection, etc, with a url pointed at that server: Removed
Apache is only used for troubleshooting here; it plays no part in the regular operation of your setup.