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We need to make a couple of modifications to the configuration of the new Jenkins job.

  • First: get ride of delete the PROJECT_NAME string parameter. We In the steps below, we are going to hardcode that the project name in the job configuration.
  • One of the SCM repository repositories is named ${PROJECT_GIT_REPOSITORY}. Click the Advanced button that is on top of the Code Base Navigator, and for (see screenshot) Image Added
  • For Local subdirectory for repo, change the value to Projects/<InsertYourProjectNameHere>, and change the value of Unique SCM name to the name of your project.
  • In the Build section, the path to is wrong. Change it to:
    Code Block
  • In the Call Invoke Ant part section, the properties file should be, so replace /Root/ with /Root/
  • Click on the Advanced button related to the Ant task. Change the value of Build File to Projects/<InsertYourProjectNameHere>/build.xml, and change the value of Properties to Projects/<InsertYourProjectNameHere>/