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Add a way for an external application to open a certain file, scrolling to/moving the cursor to a certain line number. The purpose is to allow the developer to click a line number in ERXExceptionPage (in the browser) to navigate quickly to the file/line clicked.
There used to be something called "The WOLips Server" which I think served this purpose, so perhaps that can be fixed up or serve as a starting point.


Line numbers keep disappearing in WOLips perspective

BugWOComponent editor
WOLips reports fake binding errors in large components


In a Maven project, the New > WOComponent dialog does not honour destination folder chosen by right click. To reproduce:

  1. Right click any folder under src/main/components, or even just src/main/components itself.
  2. Observe that you get a "New WebObjects Component" dialog.
  3. Then:
    1. Expected: The "parent folder" tree should be expanded and the folder right-clicked above should be selected.
    2. Observed: The "parent folder" tree is collapsed, and the project's root folder is selected.

I regularly trip over this and end up with a new component in the project's root folder. I've already selected a destination folder, because I right-clicked on it. Additionally, I am reasonably sure this works as intended (that is, the right-clicked folder is shown selected by the dialog) in non-Maven projects.


In a Maven project, new .eogen files for EOGenerator are created with inappropriate default destination paths. To reproduce:

  1. Add a new EO Model in src/main/resources.
  2. Ensure "Use EOGenerator" is checked.
  3. Open the new .eogen file in EOGenerator Editor, then:
    1. Expected: Under Destination Paths, both Destination and Subclass Destination should be "src/main/java".
    2. Observed: Under Destination Paths, both Destination and Subclass Destination are "src/test/resources", which is just completely wrong.

BugEntity Modeler

When copying an attribute from one model to another in Entity Modeler, the "Prototype" selection (in the "Basic" tab) is dropped. This wouldn't be a huge deal except that subsequently selecting the prototype that wasn't copied then resets every other relevant field in that form to the prototype's defaults. For example:

  1. Open two EOModels.
  2. Copy an attribute that uses a prototype from an entity in one model to an entity in another—e.g., find (or create) a javaEnum attribute that has a custom enum class in "Value Class".
  3. Then:
    1. Expected: attribute copies over and form fields populated to match source attribute.
    2. Observed: "Prototype" selection is not copied. In the example above, if you select "javaEnum" manually, any enum specified in "Value Class" is now cleared and replaced with "java.lang.Enum".

Hugi ThordarsonBugWOComponent editor
WOComponent editor: WOLips binding validation isn't case sensitive, but it should be.

If a binding uses wrong character case for variable names, e.g. "$username" instead of "$userName" WOLips believes the invalid binding is valid, causing errors that can be hard to track down when you're tired and old and you'd rather be outside in the sun doing gardening.

BugWOComponent editor

Validity of a method on a target object doesn't seem to follow through all the way to default methods on interfaces. (This could easily reflect WOLips's pre-Java 8 heritage.) What do I mean? Say an interface StatefulEntity defines and implements isActive() as a default method. Say you have a Person EO that implements StatefulEntity. Then, the component editor will show this binding as invalid<wo:ifcondition="$junoUserIter$person.isInactive">, even though isActive() is a reachable method on the interface.