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So let's run the project. Expand the Sources folder, expand the package, right-click on and select Run As -> WOApplication. This action will start the project and it will create a run configuration for Eclipse. Image Added

After a couple of seconds, the project will be started and a page will open in your favorite browser. You just run ran your first Project Wonder application, congratulations!


In the project, open the Sources folder, open the package and open is the Java part of a Project Wonder component. If you check the content of the Related tab, you will see that is related to other files like Main.wo and Main.api, it's a good way to find out if a Java class is part of a component. Image Added

In the editor tab, you will need to put one variable + one setter + one getter. Complete code:


So now we have a variable to display the content of a string. The next step is to open the HTML part of the component to actually display the string. In the Related view, double-click on the Main.wo file. This action will open the component in the Component Editor. Image Added

Remove the Hello World text from the HTML and replace it with:


And save your modifications. You are now ready to run the application again. The first time you ran the application, it created a run configuration inside Eclipse, so to run the application again, click on the green circle with a white arrow in the toolbar, and select HelloWorld. Image Added

The application is now displaying the string for the Java variable! You can terminate the application.