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Comment: Eclipse nightly and 3.3.1+ is now stable and better tools, so let's get people using these.

Short Story

There are two update sites at the moment (as of 27th Aug 2007):


  • .1.1
  • Java 1.5 (not Java 1.4)

Long Story

The first requirement for installing WOLips is that you have Eclipse. It is recommended that you install Eclipse 1 (or to use WOLips. To install Eclipse, go to the Eclipse 3.23.2 1 Download Site and download the build that matches your operating system and uncompress it.


7. In the New Update Site dialog, enter "WOLips" as the name, and as the URL and click OK.

Note: All builds beyond 4118 are Eclipse 3.3 only. The nightly build are now only supported by Eclipse 3.3. This is still a work in progress and should be regarded as unstable for now.So get the latest nightly .... and don't be so eager to update it every day if it is running smoothly (smile)


8. You should now be returned to the list of install sites with your new Remote Install Site selected. Click "Finish" to continue.


9. Expand the WOLips folder and select only Standard Install. If you are on a Mac, you can also select Goodies Mac. Leave the other options until you are more familiar with Eclipse and WOLips and decide that you need them.