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You need the WOLips framework that is part of Project Wonder. You also need the ERExtensions framework that is part of Project Wonder on the class path at runtime. If you already use Project Wonder, you are you almost done.

If you are not using Project Wonder, you can download it from mDimension's site, untar the frameworks, and copy just the WOLips.framework and ERExtensions.framework to where you have the rest of your frameworks (usually /Library/Frameworks or ~/Library/Frameworks).


  • Esc is a shortcut for getting out of click-to-open mode
  • hold down the Cmd key while you move the mouse around and it will highlight the component
  • Cmd-click it will popup the stack of components and you can pick from the stack:
  • you can set the binding expanded=true; on WOLToolBar so it's open by default, instead of closed