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  • Basic setup instructions
  • Velocity Information
  • EOModel value reference for template customization
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Mike Schrag's Templates
  • Oswaldo Bueno's FetchSpecification Addition
  • Pierre Frisch's Templates w/sPearCat Additions
  • Pierce Wetter's addition to count to-many destination objects without loading all the destination objects.
  • David Avendasora's Java Client Templates & EOGenericRecord classes
    • Server-Side
      These templates are essentially the same as Mike Schrag's templates, but with the addition of Oswald Bueno's FetchSpecification addition.
    • template
    • template
    • Client-Side
      These templates implement many of the same features as the Server-Side templates, but eliminating any use of EOUtilities calls since the EOUtilities class is not included in the Client-Side WO libraries. These templates also require a custom EOGenericRecord class and an addition to the Session class to implement Stateless RMI for Model-Defined FetchSpecifications.
    • EOGenericRecord addition
    • [addition|
    • template
    • template