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Note that for now (as of WOLips version 3.4.5830), this really must be an absolute, fully-qualified filepath; if you were to specify a relative filename, Eclipse/WOLips would treat it as being relative to $HOME/Library/Application Support/WOLips, but Ant (using the default build.xml) would treat it as being relative to your project's base folder.

Also, you might think you could use an Ant variable specification such as ${user.home} on the right hand side – but you can't. The problem is that while Ant would interpret this correctly, Eclipse/WOLips will not. Also note that you can't in any case use a tilde character as an abbreviation for your home directory.

If you specify a setting this way, it will override the workspace-wide WOLips preference setting.

Eclipse will also use this setting to find resources at runtime, i.e. when you run your project from within Eclipse.

OPTIONAL - Building your project from the Command Line Using Ant


You can do this either via a the -lib parameter to the ant command, e.g.

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ant -lib /path/to/woproject.jar


or by putting a copy of woproject.jar someplace where Ant can will find it. One A convenient location for it is your $HOME/.ant/lib folder:

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mkdir -p ~/.ant/lib
findcp -p /path/to/your/eclipse/plugins -name "woproject.jar" -exec cp -p {} Applications/eclipse-3.4.2/plugins/org.objectstyle.wolips.woproject.ant_3.4.5830/lib/woproject.jar ~/.ant/lib \;
(2) The location of your file: