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You can download the ant tasks from the sourceforge page from the automated Hudson build page for WOProject. If you have installed the wolips material for using WebObjects with Eclipse then you can also find the ant tasks there. The path for this will look something like .../eclipse/plugins/org.objectstyle.wolips.woproject.ant_2.0.0.3458/lib/woproject.jar. To use the ant plugins outside of Eclipse, either by extracting the jar file from the Eclipse distribution or by downloading it separately, you will need to install them into your computers' ant lib directory. On MacOS-X this would be /Developer/Java/Ant/lib/woproject.jar (on Leopard w/ XCode 3.0, this would be /usr/share/ant/lib/woproject.jar. You can also put this jar in USER_HOME/.ant/lib/woproject.jar. A quick way to see where all of these lib directories are and what is loaded is to type 'ant -diagnostics').

Ant Tasks

(for tasks not documented here see the old site).