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When running a WO Application in WOLips the following steps currently need to be followed in order for WOLips to resolve components and resources on the classpath.

  1. Follow this tutorial Run or Debug a WO Application. Note, the application may fail to start.
  2. Stop the application and open the run/debug configuration
  3. Switch to the classpath tab
  4. Click on Advanced... selecting Folders
  5. Add your application and dependant framework's build/.../'Java' folders
  6. Your results will look something like this
titleClasspath Containers are more convenient

You may find yourself doing the above often and it can become painful. Classpath containers become much more convenient...

  1. Follow up to point 3 above
  2. Click on Advanced... selecting Add Classpath Variables
  3. Click the Configure Variables... button, and for each folder you would have added above define a variable. I've called mine BUNDLE_SOMETHING
  4. Now you can select the ones you need for the app and click ok
  5. You'll have something looking like this

Now you can apply changes and run/debug. You may from time to time need to use Project > Clean... when WOLips gets into a weird state.