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  • Installing WebObjects-WOLips on Windows

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This tutorial is being actively developed, and will be finished ... 'real soon now'. (smile)

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\[Note to readers: this tutorial seems complete to the authors; please amend or edit for accuracy and comprehension.\]

Objective: use a Microsoft PC as a WebObjects development environment 


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For dark reasons of your own ;-) you wish to use a Microsoft PC to develop with WebObjects. In theory, this should be highly do-able, and not especially hard if you're a competent PC programmer already, since WO development with Eclipse ought to really only require the WebObjects Java frameworks and to set up Eclipse and WOLips to see these. However, in practice the authors found this hard, and this tutorial assumes ownership of the Apple installation discs. It should also be possible to scrape the Java WO frameworks from anywhere, but again in practice, this tutorial assumes access to a Mac with a working WebObjects 5.3.3 installation. \[If others are able to experiment with a more workable solution, that would be much appreciated by the community at large, we're sure\].


  • Apple WebObjects 5 installation CD for PC
  • A Mac with a working WebObjects 5.3.3 installation
Process (for people who have bought Apple WebObjects 5 installation CDs)
  1. Install the WebObjects 5.2 tools and frameworks from the Apple CD
  2. Replace the installed WO frameworks with the latest 5.3.3 frameworks from Apple
  3. Correct required environment variables
  4. Install Eclipse 3.2
  5. Install WOLips
1. Install the WebObjects 5.2 tools and frameworks from the Apple CD

Use the Apple WebObjects 5 CD to install WebObjects Developer on to your PC. Note that this installs all the old (deprecated since 2002) PC desktop WO developer tools such as EOModeller, WOBuilder and ProjectBuilder etc. which you will not need in this process, but it also installs a number of things we do want, namely:

  • a standard set of directories from which to work
  • environment variables including NEXT_ROOT, WEBOBJECTS_JAVA_EXTENSIONS, WEBOBJECTS_JAVA_HOME, and updates your PATH variable with refererences to the newly installed Apple developer tools
  • a set of DLLs which are used by EOGenerator (qv.) at least
2. Replace the installed WO frameworks with the latest 5.3.3 frameworks from Apple

You've installed WebObjects 5.2.2 in step one, but it is out of date, and Eclipse/WOLips requires WebObjects 5.3.3 to work. We took the frameworks as they'd been installed from a working Mac installation of WO 5.3.3 (available freely from the Developer Tools CD which ships with new Macs) and copied them to the PC.
We first deleted all the existing frameworks in C:\Apple\Library\Frameworks, which required stopping any services that were using them, and then copied the Mac-sourced frameworks in their place. There were less of the new frameworks, which may indicate problems to come, but so far so good.


From Eclipse you need to  Help > Software Updates > Find and Install.  Then serach for new features to install.  Create a New Remote Site to download the current stable version of WOLips using URL of Select to search this site, and "Finish".

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\[good to here\] 

(which become corrupted and have to be fixed)

This will install

delete all the files under  C:\Apple\Library\Frameworks

this requires that you stop any services that are using the frameworks

Process (for people who do not have the Apple WebObjects 5 installation CDs)