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  • Right-click the project in Package Explorer
  • Select Java Build Path from the left hand list, and Libraries from the tabs in the main field
  • Open the JRE System Library list, and you should see your available JDBC driver (see screenshot)
  • Wiki MarkupIf you cannot see your driver listed, you must add it. \ [WOL:instructions required\]

Solution - check JDBC settings in Entity Modeler


URL: jdbc:FrontBase://<hostname>/<database_name>. eg. jdbc:FrontBase://localhost/authors

Postgresql JDBC driver settings:
URL: jdbc:postgresql://<hostname>/<databasename> eg. jdbc:postgresql://localhost/authors
Driver: org.postgresql.Driver
Plugin: Postgresql

H2 JDBC driver settings:
URL: jdbc:h2:~/<databasename>

Oracle JDBC driver settings:
URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@<hostname>:1521/SID  using Java jar ojdbc6.jar downloaded from Oracle's website (account needed, but free)