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EOGenerator (



  • Mike Schrag's Templates
  • ERCoreBusinessLogic templates showing off the "Clazz" pattern
  • Oswaldo Bueno's FetchSpecification Addition
  • Pierre Frisch's Templates w/sPearCat Additions
  • Pierce Wetter's addition to count to-many destination objects without loading all the destination objects.
  • David Avendasora's Java Client Templates & EOGenericRecord classes
    • Server-Side Classes (Requires Project Wonder) These templates are essentially the same as Mike Schrag's templates, but with the addition of Oswald Bueno's FetchSpecification addition.
    • template
    • template
    • Client-Side Classes
    • EOGenericRecord addition additions
    • addition additions
    • template
    • template
  • Florijan Stamenkovic's JBND-aware Java-Client Templates
    There are only Client-Side Class JBND-specific templates. You can use any Server-Side Class templates you wish.
  • Ravi Mendis' basic (proof-of-concept) Scala Templates
  • John Huss' complete SCALA Templates (basically a translation of the java WonderEntity template with the addition of Option accessors for optional properties)

Rubicode's Legacy EOGenerator (WO 5.3 and before) - Obsoleted by OS X Leopard and WO 5.4


The original EOGenerator will not work with OS X 10.5 or higher since the Cocoa-Java Bridge framework has been deprecated. You should only use it for compatibility with older projects. All new development should be done with the Velocity EOGenerator built into WOLips.

Apple's JavaEOGenerator for WO 5.4 - Not Recommended

  • Download from JavaEOGenerator Home.  Download package contains the following:
    • JavaEOGenerator.woa application
    • Apple's Default Templates
    • Basic setup instructions (must read.)
    • Command Line Usage of JavaEOGenerator.woa (Note: full paths are required.)
  • Basic templatesthat modified from Apple's Default Templates.  Differences from Default Templates:
    • Generate Entity and _Entity without error
    • Fetch specification template is removed from JavaSourceEOF52.eotemplate.