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This is a basic guide to getting the Velocity Generator to work under Leopard, using Eclipse and WOLips 3.3.4669, later versions should work.
The guide is basic in that it should work the way it's detailed below, it doesn't represent the only way, nor probably an optimized way to work with Velocity Generator

1. under preferences Under Preferences > WOLips > EOGenerator
-> remove Remove all entries (this is not strictly necessary, but it rules out any errors at the project level)

2. add Add a folder named templates in your project folder, inside of which you place your template files. for
For starters, don't rename them.
you You can download them here:

3. double Double check your model, so that no of your entities extend EOGenericRecord,
otherwise the generation gap pattern won't work, as the velocity generator generates all files,
rather than just those extending custom classes. this is a change from the old eogenerator.

4. create Create or edit your .eogen file, mine looks like this:

5. double Double check, and open the .eogen file using open with > text editor: