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  • Mount, on a Mac, the DMG file. Then, for XCode 2.5 / Mac OS X Tiger:
Code Block
cp /Volumes/Xcode\ Tools/Packages/Packages/WebObjectsRuntime.pkg/Contents/Archive.pax.gz /tmp
cd /tmp
unzip Archive.pax.gz
pax -r -f Archive.pax
tar cf WebObjectsRuntime.tar Library System
cp WebObjectsRuntime.tar -> Windows

... and for XCode 3.0 / Mac OS X Leopard (since Installer packages are created differently in Leopard):

Code Block

mkdir -p /tmp/wo ; cd /tmp/wo
xar -vxf "/Volumes/Xcode Tools/Packages/WebObjectsRuntime.pkg" ; pax -rzf Payload
tar cf WebObjectsRuntime.tar Library System
cp WebObjectsRuntime.tar -> Windows


Install Eclipse and WOLips

5) Install eclipse Classic

6) Install WOLips nightly from Install Eclipse and WOLips


That should be it, I think?  The things that are problematic right now on Windows:
1) The woproject/*.patternset don't work quite right on Windows with older versions of WOLips.   If you don't have subfolders in your Resources/Components/etc, you can work around it by converting Components/**/*/etc/** to Components/*, same w/ Resources and WebServerResources. Alternatively you can use a recent nightly build of WOLips where this bug has been fixed.
2) Couple images have backgrounds that should not
3) Outline view in component editor is not right
4) AutoOpenInBrowser doesn't work unless you override Application._isSupportedDevelopmentPlatform to return true