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There are dependencies between the frameworks that make up Project WOnder that must be kept in mind while changes are being made.


We have done a webcast about how to contribute to Project Wonder by using Git, you can get the recording here

WebObjects Version Differences

Since the move of Project Wonder to GitHub, the main branch ("master") is for WebObjects 5.4. If you use WebObjects 5.3, you have to use the Wonder_5_0_0_Legacy branch.

Naming Schemes

Project WOnder uses different name prefixes for different parts of the system. Prefixes include those in the list below. Note that there may be components and classes in very different parts of the system which do similar things. Code and resources are not necessarily organized by functionality, but may be organized by time of creation, by author, or by some other factor.


It is not always easy to find things. Ask the mailing list if you have questions.

Coding style

If you add new components into ERExtensions, please put your bindings into the WOD file. For other non-core frameworks and examples, you can use WOOgnl bindings.

If you are adding new code to Wonder, please use of the above prefix for your additions. If you don't know which one to use, go with "ER".

Git Branches of Project



One can see the different branches of the project by going to the GitHub branches page