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There are many ways for anyone to help develop Project WOnder. It would be helpful to become familiar with the information in Creating and Submitting an Acceptable Patch. For more minute detail, you can keep up with the committers's progress moment by moment by subscribing to the SVN repository commit messages mailing list Commit History RSS feed on GitHub.

Project WOnder is a large set of frameworks and example applications and utility applications. Project WOnder can be used with different versions of WebObjects. (What versions of WOnder are compatible with what versions of WebObjects?) Developers may be using different tool sets to edit their projects, including eclipse and Xcode. Contributors should keep all of this in mind as they make changes.


WebObjects Version Differences

Project WOnder works with both WebObjects 5.3 and 5.4 versions. <i>For how long will this be true?</i> Because of this, you may make changes to the Project Wonder frameworks that work in 5.4 and not in 5.3. There is a page which attempts to document the differencesSince the move of Project Wonder to GitHub, the main branch ("master") is for WebObjects 5.4. If you use WebObjects 5.3, you have to use the Wonder_5_0_0_Legacy branch.

Naming Schemes

Project WOnder uses different name prefixes for different parts of the system. Prefixes include those in the list below. Note that there may be components and classes in very different parts of the system which do similar things. Code and resources are not necessarily organized by functionality, but may be organized by time of creation, by author, or by some other factor.


It is not always easy to find things. Ask the mailing list if you have questions.


Git Branches of Project WOnder

One can see the different branches of the project with the command:

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svn ls
  • Patrice
  • Wonder_1_0_0_Branch
  • Wonder_1_0_1_Branch
  • Wonder_2_0_0_Branch
  • Wonder_2_0_0_WebObjects_5_4_Branch
  • Wonder_2_0_1_Branch
  • Wonder_2_0_2_Branch
  • Wonder_3_0_0_Branch
  • Wonder_3_0_0_branch
  • Wonder_4_0_0_Branch
  • Wonder_4_5_0_Branch
  • Wonder_5_0_0_WebObjects_5_5_Branch
  • Wonder_5_0_0_WebObjects_5_6_Branch
  • Wonder_for_Maven_experiments
  • patrice going to the GitHub branches page