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If you are using RedHat Enterprise Linux, CentOS or Amazon Linux, stop right there! We now have RPM packages for CentOS and RedHat 5.x/6.x, and Amazon Linux. Read the following instructions instead of this document.

Guess what? If you are using Debian or Ubuntu, packages are also available for your platform (although not yet for Xenial)!

Install Sun Java JDK

1. You should install a Sun/Oracle Java SDK. Use Oracle's installation instructions. Choose the appropriate 32-bit or 64-bit Linux installer, for example jdk-6u27-linux-x64-rpm.bin, and install it.


Code Block
mkdir -p /opt/Local/Library/WebObjects/JavaApplications
cd /opt/Local/Library/WebObjects/JavaApplications

tar zpxf wotaskd.tar.gz
rm wotaskd.tar.gz
tar zpxf JavaMonitor.tar.gz
rm JavaMonitor.tar.gz