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DCEVM download site: JRE settings.png

Launch the installer as root

sudo java -jar DCEVM-light-8u92-installer.jar

Click "Add installation directory..." and select your JRE Home.

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Click "Install DCEVM ad altvm"

Quit the installer by closing the window.

Downloading the Hotswap agent


Download the hot swap agent jar from my fork at from to an easy to type location, you will need the location to enable it.


Activate the tools

To enable HotSwap for all java launch within eclipse, add the following to the default VM argument of your current JRE.launches, go to Installed JREs in Eclipse Preferences, select your active JRE and click Edit...



Add the following text to the Default VM arguments:

-XXaltjvm=dcevm -javaagent:/replace_with_correct_path/hotswap-agent.jar

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Close the windows and now all your launches will have DCEVM and Hotswap enabled,

If you prefer to enable per project basis, add the same arguments to the VM argument section of your project's Run configuration.