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Comment: Adds more options for obtaining the jgroups-aws code.


The jgroups-aws project from meltmedia "provides auto discovery for other cluster members on AWS using both tag matching and filters. It is a drop in replacement for TCPPING, allowing you to remove the definition of your initial members from your configuration file."

  1. That project doesn't seem to provide a convenient JAR or other packaging, but there's only a single source file required. Get Include jgroups-aws in your project.
    1. If you're using Maven, include the following dependency in your POM:

      Code Block
    2. If you're using the Fluffy Bunny project layout, you can download the JAR directly from Maven Central and put it in Libraries.
    3. Otherwise you can just grab
    1.  and include it somewhere appropriate.
  2. Include TCP and AWS_PING sections in your JGroups XML configuration file.
  3. Include these properties: 

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  4. Follow the instructions in the Setting Up EC2 section of the jgroups-aws project page.
  5. Although the jgroups-aws documentation seems to suggest it's not mandatory, I was unable to get initial discovery to occur without using the "tags" feature of the AWS_PING configuration. That is, it would seem to be the case that you need to apply at least one arbitrary tag to your instances, and AWS_PING then picks up all instances where the nominated tag has the same value.