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  • Building the woproject source code with maven

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Currently you have to checkout and build maven-woproject-plugin manually.

Grab the latest from the svn.

Building woproject requires webobjects 5.3.2.

cd into the woproject/maven2/maven-woboostrap-plugin and invoke mvn install.

dieselpower:/Projekte/woproject/workspace/woproject/maven2/maven-wobootstrap-plugin ulrich$ mvn install

Import the webobjects frameworks into the repository. Add webobjects jars to the local repositiory

cd into the woproject directory and invoke mvn.

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The build should succeed:
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What happend during the build?

Maven created a local repository under ~.m2/repository. The repository is full of artifacts and should contain the maven-woproject-plugin under

Image RemovedTake a look into the wonder cvs on how to build wonder.