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Pierce T. Wetter III

This gets discussed a lot, so there's plenty of examples around. For instance, here's an implementation by someone else I found via Google:


Code Block
override saveChanges()
  foreach obj (self.changedObjects)
  foreach obj (self.insertedObjects)
  foreach obj (self.deletedObjects)

Houdah Frameworks:

(scooped from the mailinglist)

Take a look at Houdah Frameworks. I think the Audit Trail WO:1 WO:2 solution provided by this framework could be helpful.

The Wonder Bug Tracker application also includes support for audit trail. Maybe you can learn something from there.


Dov Rosenberg

(scooped from the mailinglist)

Most of the projects I worked on with this requirement used the built in audit tracking functions of the database. Most DBA's didn't leave the requirement to the developers to enforce. That way everything is tracked in a consistent fashion across applications.

Ken Anderson

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