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sudo update-rc.d webobjects defaults

A better choice for Ubuntu (later releases anyway) is to use upstart instead of rc.d. One major benefit is that you can configure upstart to respawn your instance of wotaskd if it crashes unexpectedly. This is an example of our upstart conf for wotaskd:

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description     "Start webobjects services"
author          "David LeBer"

start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [!2345]

env USER=appserver
env NEXT_ROOT=/opt
env WOTASKD_LOG_PREFIX=/var/log/webobjects/wotaskd

respawn limit 15 5

pre-start script
        #roll the log
        if [ -e $WOTASKD_LOG_PREFIX.log ]
                cp $WOTASKD_LOG_PREFIX.log $WOTASKD_LOG_PREFIX$(date "+_%Y%m%d_%H%M%S").log
end script

        echo "Launching wotaskd"
        su $USER -c "$NEXT_ROOT/Library/WebObjects/JavaApplications/wotaskd.woa/wotaskd -WOPort 1085 >> $WOTASKD_LOG_PREFIX.log 2>&1"
        emit wotaskd_running
end script

Drop the above into /etc/init/ (note NOT init.d) and start it initially with:

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services webobjects start


If SELinux is enabled on your system, wotaskd won't run because of SELinux policies. You need to run :