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  1. Follow the instructions here, The WOLips Installation Tutorial, to install WOLips on your machine. Although many people, including myself can't seem to do without the "Wonder"ful features of Project Wonder, for the purposes of this tutorial, it is not necessary.
  2. Open the WoLips perspective.
  3. From the File menu, select New WebObjects Application.
  4. The New WebObjects Project Wizard is displayed. Enter a name for your project such as MyFirstApp. Then click Next.
  5. Change only the word "your" in the Application screen to myfirstapp. I think you can change it to whatever you want, or just keep it "your," but I like to put in the actual Application name. In the rest of this tutorial I will refer to the packages as and Click Finish.


  1. Click on the Main WO component and then double-click the related file.
  2. Create two new variables by adding the following code to your file:

    WORK IN PROGRESS - More content and screenshots to be added.