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Well "Hello World" is about as boring a web page as one can make. So feel free to change it. In your project's Components window, you can edit the HTML of your component by double-clicking the component itself or it's related HTML file.

Figure 1-4 Groups, Files, & Related Files


You can even change the default editor that Eclipse uses the edit your HTML file so you can instead use the Aptana's editor if you plan on adding a lot of Javascript or and external editor such as the brilliant TextMate. In this tutorial, we will stick to the WOLips default editor so that we have instant access to the WOD file.

Figure 1-5 WOLips Component Editor Image Added

Let's Make It Dyanamic

Well, there are certainly easier ways of making static web pages and using WebObjects for that purpose would defeat the purpose of developing using WebObjects. So let's start to learn how to make our pages a little more dynamic.