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  • Don't use full URLs with open/openWindow commands (http://baseurl part will be added by ERSelenium):
    Code Block
  • You can use setup/teardown methods from the class, specified in SeleniumActionsClass property by opening /wa/SeleniumAction/methodName URL, e.g.:
    Code Block
  • You can use @repeat-@values-@done metacommands to execute specific part of the test with different additional values edited in textboxes, e.g.:
    Code Block
      ...some actions...
        @values user1 user2 user3
        @values __selenium_test@ @__sel notcorrect@@
    pass1 pass2 pass3
        ...some more actions...
    The commands between @repeat and @done will be repeated several times, each time with new value in "xpath=id('content')/input" input field"user" and "password" input field. The values are seperated by spaces and if you have multiple @values lines, they all must have the same number of parameters. The @values section applies to the value of the next command.

Note: in Selenese format, lines that don't begin with "|" are treated as comments, so metacommands in the example above will be safely processed by Selenium IDE.