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Then run it like this:

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# ./ 53

This can take quite some time the first time as it downloads, extracts and sets the WO 5.3 runtime up. After this is done, switching between the two runtimes is almost instant.

To switch between the two runtimes, quit WOLips and run

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# ./ 54
# ./ 53

Then run WOLips again.

One thing to remember is that when you are installing frameworks they need to be installed into the appropriate location for the runtime you are targeting. For WO 5.4 you need to install them into /Library/WebObjects/Frameworks and for WO 5.3 they need to go into /Developer/WebObjects53/Library/Frameworks.

Keep in mind that these changes are specific to WOLips and woproject only. If you run anything outside of WOLips you will also need to manually to set NEXT_ROOT appropriately.